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Congratulations Mark Chepurnoy  (RUS) taking his 7th. tournament in a row winning the 06/22 B16  and Adriel Azucey (USA) winner of the B16  at the same event in Boca Raton way to go..!!

Congratulations to Adriana Perez --(VEN)  on her resent WTA results, keeping up her quest to the top. 


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Keeping the tradition...!

Roy Lederman at the Eddi Herr with Academy coaches G. Diaz and Freddy Azucey

Roy Lederman Eddie Herr 2010 Champion - 2007 Eddie Herr & Orange Bowl Finalist


Gabriela Paz (VEN) 2008 US Open Finalist


Sophia Melikishvilli (RUS) 2006 Orange Bowl Finalist


David Navarrete (VEN) 2004 Eddie Herr Finalist


Kepler Orellana (VEN) 1995 Orange Bowl Dbles. Winner


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   Extreme Tennis academy is a world renowned high performance  tennis center with an unparalleled reputation for excellence and hard work.  Our small scaled program has been responsible for the success of many Professionals, juniors, college players and aspiring professionals around the world.  Extreme Tennis Academy is also one of the only academies in the usa to produce grand slam junior finalist and top 10 itf juniors  Headed by  Freddy azucey, kenchiro maehama, and XTT international  team that has developed more #1 juniors and top players than most academies in usa and around the world, a proof of great results that sets Extreme Tennis Academy apart from the rest.


" We are not a factory, we  are not a Resort, at Extreme Tennis Academy we develop Tennis Champions.."

At Extreme Tennis Academy you are not just a number, you are part of our team...



   2011, 2010 & 2009 Summer Camp "...Rated Best Summer camp by  USTA Bobby Curtis and Florida Tennis Magazine "


2010 Eddie Herr and Junior Orange Bowl Squad -  Ontoine DeMassy (MON) Justin Tjon ITF (CUR) Sierra Stone (USA) Davi Crisovan B14 #1 (USA) Roy Lederman B16 #1 (USA) Gaby Paz WTA 290 (VEN)  Josie Arana (GUA) Alexandra  Axenova (RUS) Anna  Pomyatiskaya (RUS)  Mark Chepurnoy (RUS) Alina Vilkhovaya (RUS) Angelina Nevzocova (RUS) Mark Ephstenis-Lasev (RUS)   

2012 Orange Bowl Training: Participants from Japan, Russia, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Great Britain, and USA

2013 Summer Camp " ..We keep the tradition year after year.., we did it again,.."  "...."Participants from all over the Globe..!!


"... one of the only  three academies in Florida to have developed ITF top 10 World ranked juniors, one of the only three academies to have produce Junior Grand Slam Winner, one of the only  academy's to helped developed more number one players, one of the only academies in Florida to have coached  WTA top 20 players and  ATP top 50  players, one of the only academies to have developed players from juniors to professionals..." and that is the difference.."







 TENNIS Magazine, FLORIDA TENNIS, - TENNIS LIFE Magazine and TENNIS France as one of the top Camps




  Rated Florida's #1 High Performance training center by former Wimbledon Champion Angela Buxton, in the Florida Tennis Magazine......!!


...." Former Alumni Dennis Istomin will end 2012 at Top 5o ATP..."

...." Venezuelan WTA Adraiana Perez to get ready for the mayors on 2013..."


























        For Information Call:  786-970-9928 (Carlos) 786-290-1546 (Freddy) or E-mail