Our Commitment

Extreme Tennis private coaching has been designed to develop the serious player looking to achieve the highest levels of professional Tennis. The experience we provide is a personalized one that includes one-on-one, on court coaching (the same intense workout that has help us produce several top 100 players and top 10 Juniors).

We provide four, 30 minute on court training sessions, stroke production, strategy, sparring partner, video analysis, drills and match play every day (Mon-Fri). Prior to the on court training is Fitness. Fitness is training that follows the same guidelines and exercise of fitness Guru Pat Etcheverry, with which we have been personally involved (1 Hour per day Mon-Fri) plus fitness room, after daily session.

ITF/USTA or ATP/WTA PROGRAM also includes professional tour guidance and scheduling, sparring partners sessions,
mental conditioning, travel coaching, video analysis, match analysis, match play and nutrition guidance.


  • $1,800.00 Weekly non-boarding full day private training
  • $900.00 Weekly non-boarding half day private training
  • $900.00 Weekly non-boarding half day private training

(Half day training does not include traveling coach fee)

  • $2,900.00 Weekly Boarding & full day

(Housing, local transportation and 3 daily meals when player is at the academy on training )

Extra Private Lessons $120.00 per hour

(Full time non-boarding private coaching students fees are payable in advance per trimesters, the total fees for the period will total $20,400.00 USD)

Professional Player’s Development

From the coaches that have help develop more number one players in Florida and around the world like Nathan Rosenfeld USA #1, Chase Buchanan USA #1,  Emmet Braxton USA #1, Vanja Mikovic SRB #1,  Bojan Bosovic ETA #1, Val Banada USA #1,  M. Ray Pallares FL #1, Giorgio Carneade Top 100,  Daniel Yoo Top 300, Gabriela Paz ITF Top 10,  Jonathan Boym USA #2, David Navarrete ITF Top 10,  Rolando Torrellas, Roy Lederman USA #1, Dennis Nevolo USA #2,  Virginia Vigliardi ARG #1, Gerardo Diaz, Zuleta, Guejman ARG #1, Crissovan, Alex Ritschard SUI #1, Naydenova BUL #1, Joung Kim,  Russell ITF Top 30, Ran Top 100, and many more.